Joyful Movement.
Livable Cities.

We take the friction out of e-bike ownership, leaving the joy and movement of the ride to you. Request an invitation for your own subscription electric bike that includes our bike concierge.

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Dance, at a Glance

Get all the pieces you need, and none of the ones that you don’t. We’ve crafted a single dead-simple service for you.

An e-bike

The ultimate urban electric bike

A subscription

Pay monthly, e-bike & all services included.

An app

Turn your phone into a powerful bike dashboard

A Movement

Together towards bike-friendly and livable cities

The Ultimate Urban Electric Bike.

The Dance electric bike transforms your daily commute from frustration to joy. Save time with no traffic jams, no waiting for departures, no searching for parking, and all without even breaking a sweat. We’re designing an electric bike from the ground up to create the best riding experience the world has ever seen. Electric, connected, safe, and stunningly beautiful.

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Go further, arrive sooner, with no sweat.


Turn your commute into something to look forward to.


Healthy for you, healthy for the environment.

Don’t Buy, Subscribe.
Bike concierge Included.

We don’t sell the Dance e-bike, we only offer it as a subscription. We believe ownership means friction. Friction to buy, friction to repair, friction to protect from theft. Our subscription, with bike concierge included, removes the hassle and leaves you to focus on what matters, the joy of the ride.

No up-front costsInstant repairsTheft protection

Add a Screen To Your Ride.

With the Dance app you can track, share, and control your bike when not riding, and snap it into a powerful ride dashboard once you hit the road. Stay safe, in control and on the best route with everything you need right in front of you.

Frictionless unlockRide dashboardShare with friends

Request Your Invite Today

Dance is currently invite-only. Sign-up to the waitlist and become one of the first to join the movement. We’ll carefully be opening up to more riders as our core community begins to take shape.

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