Joyful Movement. Healthy Citizens.
At Dance we believe a daily e-bike ride brings you daily joy, and that a movement of riders can become a powerful community able to drive significant change. We want to take an active role in making cities more bike-friendly and livable which we believe will make the future a little brighter for everybody.

Dance was founded with the purpose of having a positive impact across health, sustainability and livable cities. Through our subscription service we want to make the e-bike the primary way people move about cities. We believe this will make people happier, the planet healthier and our cities more livable.

Dance is a small team with big ambitions. And we’re looking to grow. We’re actively, and thoughtfully, assembling a highly diverse set of exceptionally talented people. Please find all open roles below. In addition we are looking for leaders in Finance and Marketing. - Get in touch

Open positions

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